Jacqueline Milner-Clerk & Associates Inc. provides evidence-based psychological counselling/treatment for a variety of areas and populations.

For Children and Adolescents (ages 2-18years)
Within a child friendly environment which typically incorporates the elements of art and play, issues and difficulties experienced by children and young adolescents are addressed by psychologists who are in tuned to the particular dynamics of this special population. In an atmosphere of safety and respect, unique issues and concerns facing older adolescents are also addressed.

• Addictions/Substance Abuse
• Adjustment to Divorce, Other Changes and/or Losses
• Anxiety, Worry, Fears or Nightmares
• Anger Issues and Management
• Attention Difficulties (ADD/ADHD)
• Depression and/or Suicidal Behaviour
• Destructive Behaviour (such as Substance Abuse, Promiscuity, Self-Mutilation)
• Learning Difficulties and Learning Disabilities (Verbal and Non-Verbal)
• Low Self-Esteem and/or Confidence
• School and Peer Difficulties
• Trauma/Victimization from Abuse
• Other Emotional/Behavioural Problems