Jacqueline Milner-Clerk & Associates Inc. provides evidence-based psychological counselling/treatment for a variety of areas and populations.

For Parents
Today’s parents are often faced with many dynamics to contend with such as the internet, media, balancing careers, finances, running a household and considerable information regarding parenting do’s and don’ts that the whole experience of raising a child can be a difficult and confusing one. For parents looking for guidance and/or support we offer counselling for the following areas:

• Increasing Effective Parenting Skills
• Handling Common Problems Better
• Decreasing Destructive Anger and Parenting Behaviour
• Enhancing Your Child’s Adjustment to Separation, Divorce, Blended Families
  and Other Changes
• Enhancing Your Child’s Self-Esteem
• Handling Poor Achievement, School Refusal and Other School Related Difficulties
• Handling and Coping with the Challenges of Adolescence
• Managing the Stress of Parenting
• Understanding Childhood and Adolescent Disorders and Difficulties such as
  Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, Asperger, Autism,
  Anxiety and Depression